1006, 2024

Navigating Post-Pandemic Social Anxiety, Agoraphobia, and Claustrophobia: A Journey of Healing

As the world cautiously emerges from the grips of the pandemic, many individuals find themselves grappling with a new set of emotions and challenges. While some eagerly embrace the return to pre-pandemic activities, others face a resurgence of social anxiety, agoraphobia, and claustrophobia, triggered by the abrupt shift in lifestyle [...]

305, 2024

Body Respect: Moving Away from Self-Objectification

In recent years, the concept of body positivity has gained significant traction in promoting self-love and acceptance. Encouraging individuals to embrace their bodies in all shapes and sizes, it sparked crucial conversations about beauty standards and self-esteem. However, amidst the fervor for body positivity, another approach quietly emerged, informed by [...]

305, 2024

Climate-Aware Counseling: Nurturing Mental Health in an Era of Environmental Change

As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, one issue looms large on the horizon: climate change. The effects of environmental degradation are becoming increasingly evident, impacting not only the planet but also our mental health. In response to this pressing concern, the field of counseling is evolving to [...]

2702, 2023

How Can I Calm My Teen’s Anxiety if I Can’t Even Calm My Own?

How can I calm my teen’s anxiety if I can’t even calm my own?   Let’s face it, kids are tough. Being a parent is hard. Rewarding, but hard. So, what happens when your child experiences a bit of anxiety that you are all too familiar with? You try your [...]

410, 2022

Natural Mentoring Relationships: The Mediating Impact on Negative Behaviors During Adolescence

Natural Mentoring Relationships: The Mediating Impact on Negative Behaviors During Adolescence As of 2017, researchers in the United States have found that about half of all children in the country will be exposed to some form of childhood adversity (McLaughlin, 2017). This has increased since 1995 from a quarter of [...]

808, 2022

Clinical Hypnosis & Pain Management

Clinical Hypnosis & Pain Management Miracle or Malarkey? You might think hypnosis sounds like bullshit. For two reasons, clinical hypnosis works well for chronic pain management: body relaxation and true cognitive redirection. First, hypnosis only happens once a client has entered a state of relative calm or relaxation. Anything we [...]

208, 2022

Prepping for the “Real” World: Tools for Emerging Young Adults

There are few times in life more exciting than preparing for the transition from being a child into living as part of the “real” adult world. This transitional period can also be very challenging. All the change, new financial stressors, going to school, finding a job, starting a family. There [...]

108, 2022

7 powerful strategies to help your teenager with productive struggle in high school

With the slower days of summer, also comes my tradition of finding the weirdest puzzle I can and setting it up in the living room to give a little distraction from screen time. It’s disgustingly hot in Georgia right now, so I am not surprised that my kids don’t want [...]

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