Introduction: What Are You Holding Onto?
As you make your way through life you are bound to run into situations that make you feel uncomfortable, alienated, and like you have nowhere to turn to with your stress. Because of these situations, it may be difficult to be vulnerable about what has happened to you and how you were affected by it, but being open about your experiences will only help you to overcome any anxiety or depression that still lingers from the negative event. At Amy Robbins Counseling, we want to help you jump over the hurdle of whatever is blocking your path towards fulfillment and joy.

What Is Trauma?
Trauma can be considered as any emotions, reactions, or thoughts that still linger with you after a stressful and negative event in your life. Whether you are healing from an abusive relationship or dealing with a problematic family member, trauma is what forms in between the cracks that come from these situations. When thinking of trauma, it is important to consider that everyone experiences it in ways that are personal to them, which means that any trauma you have experienced may affect you vastly differently than someone else in the same situation. Below are some common signs to be aware of if you may be experiencing trauma:

  • Shock or disbelief in the situation
  • Difficulty concentrating on the present moment
  • Being brought back to the negative experience
  • Avoiding things that remind you of what happened
  • Feeling guilt or shame that stems from your experience
  • Disconnecting from the world
  • Suddenly pushing away your family and friends

How Counseling Can Help
Counseling for trauma is tailored specifically to your needs as an individual to ensure that you are receiving the proper support and care that you require to move past the traumatic event. When you seek help from a counselor, you are opening up a world of resources, tools, and guidance on how to make your life revolve around you and not your experiences. Overcoming your trauma doesn’t happen overnight, but by constantly putting in the work to understand your trauma and learn new ways of coping with the aftermath, you are giving yourself a foundation of love and empathy. Counseling can offer you a safe space to explore anything that you have experienced from your trauma without the fear of feeling judgment, shame, or guilt. It allows you to completely surrender yourself and find new ways of coping.

Conclusion: Here To Support Your Healing
At Amy Robbins Counseling we want to help support you through your healing journey in any way we can. We specialize in EMDR and in Brainspotting, both evidence based trauma treatments. We understand how overwhelming trauma can be when you don’t have the appropriate tools of coping with it, so we want to provide you with what you need to elevate your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Contact us today to learn more about our trauma therapy services in the Atlanta area.