Office located in Kirkwood at:
1986 Hosea Williams Drive NE, Suite C
Atlanta GA 30317

We are next door to Le Petit Marche in downtown Kirkwood.

There is parking just at the front door, so no worries about that. And it’s free!

Handicapped accessible.

You will be given the electronic door code from your individual therapist via text or email.

A lot of clients come early, walk across the street to Taproom and grab a cup of coffee or tea and come back over for therapy. Create a moment for yourself.

As is the case with other extensively trained and highly qualified therapists with many years of experience, we are not on any insurance panels and our clients pay privately for therapy services. This gives you several important advantages including protecting your privacy (the insurance company does not have access to your diagnosis or what was discussed in our sessions) and control of our work together (we determine the length of therapy, what you want to cover in therapy, and the type of treatment that you find is effective and works, not the insurance company). This provides you with the best experience and services. We can, however, provide you with a statement after each therapy visit that you can file on your insurance portal for either reimbursement and/or application towards your deductible. Check with your insurance about Out of Network Mental Health benefits for information pertaining to your plan.

Here is a good article about the cost of therapy.