Introduction: A Serious Matter
When people think of depression they usually picture a dark room with sad music and someone sitting alone in their feelings. While this may be how some choose to cope with their depression, it is so much more than feeling and looking “sad”. Depression is a serious mood disorder that if not given the necessary care can seep its way into every aspect of an individual’s life. Whether you prefer to sit in your emotions to fully process them or you remain a busy body to avoid them, your depression can cause serious damage to your emotional and mental health in the long run.

Am I Depressed?
There is no one true way to know if you are depressed or not based on appearance or behaviors. For some, depression can feel like bottling up all of your negative emotions and only focusing on the good until it boils over. Food others, it can feel like a complete shutdown of mental and emotional processing altogether. Depression comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the effect that it has on someone can be lasting. Below are some common symptoms you may be experiencing if you are going through a depressive episode:

  • Lack of interest in previous activities or hobbies
  • Utilizing avoidance from addressing the issue
  • Sudden changes in appetite – eating too much or too little
  • Drastic changes in sleep patterns
  • Feelings of irritability or stress daily
  • Issues within the stomach (aches and pains)
  • Muscle tension, especially in the back

How Counseling Can Help
Depression counseling is built for those who need an addition to their support system. Through counseling, you will receive the guidance and tools you need to properly address your depression and understand where your pain is stemming from. Whether you have been dealing with your depression for ages or it is fairly new to you, there is no denying that reaching out for help when you need it could save your life. It may feel difficult to open up and be vulnerable about issues that have caused affliction in your life, but it is necessary to truly understand yourself on a deeper level.

Conclusion: Let’s Get You Back On Your Feet
At Amy Robbins Counseling we want to help you get back on your feet and feel like you did before your depression took over. Our counselors are dedicated to providing you with the help you need to find the root of your depression and heal whatever part of you is hurting. If you are suffering from one or more of the symptoms above please feel free to reach out and begin your new journey of self-discovery today by scheduling an appointment with our depression therapists in the Atlanta area.