Amy Robbins LPC, CPCS, EMDR Certified has been providing clinical supervision and consultation since 2003. I strive to create a nurturing atmosphere where your clinical skills are encouraged, respected, nurtured and challenged. You will leave each session with a plan and you will feel valued as a person and a therapist.


I am a Certified Professional Counseling Supervisor (CPCS #83), licensed through LPCA of Georgia.

I offer weekly group supervision/consultation for therapists. These groups are for two hours. Tuesdays 8:30-10:30 am and cost $125.

If you prefer individual clinical consultation/supervision. The hourly cost is $200.


I am also a Consultant in Training for EMDR and am able to supervise EMDR clinicians. I am under the direction of Pegah Moghaddam-

EMDR groups are also available at $50 an hour per person or $200 for individuals.


I offer business consultation to all therapists. Hourly rates are $200. Feel free to reach out to schedule-


Finally, I see many therapists for their own therapy in a private and confidential manner. Feel free to reach out to me regarding your own therapy. I hold a special place for working with therapists.


FREE How to Build a Successful Private Practice (It is all the things…)

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Series lineup:

  •  July 29 – Private Practice 101- Where do I Start?
  •  August 26 – Finding your niche/Who are your ideal clients
  •  September 30 – Creating a Compelling Marketing Message for Introverts
  • November 4 – Creating a Compelling Marketing Message for Extroverts
  • December 16 – All the Things……

Cost: Free (only 15 spots available)

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