Amy Robbins LPC, ACS, CPCS, EMDR Certified has been providing clinical supervision and consultation since 2003. I strive to create a nurturing atmosphere where your clinical skills are encouraged, respected, nurtured, and challenged. You will leave each session with a plan and you will feel valued as a person and a therapist.


I am an Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS #4540), licensed through NBCC.

I am a Certified Professional Counseling Supervisor (CPCS #83), licensed through LPCA of Georgia.

I offer weekly group supervision/consultation for therapists. These groups are for two hours. Tuesdays 8:30-10:30 am and cost $125.

If you prefer individual clinical consultation/supervision. The hourly cost is $200.


I am also a Consultant in Training for EMDR and am able to supervise EMDR clinicians. I am under the direction of Pegah Moghaddam-

EMDR groups are also available at $75 an hour per person or $200 for individuals.


I offer business consultation to all therapists. Hourly rates are $200. Feel free to reach out to schedule-


Finally, I see many therapists for their own therapy in a private and confidential manner. Feel free to reach out to me regarding your own therapy. I hold a special place for working with therapists.



I offer a handful of on-demand video Workshops for Therapists:

Finding Your Niche in Therapy ( 1 hour )

Marketing for Extroverts ( 1 hour )

Marketing for Introverts ( 1 hour )

Private Practice 101 ( 1 hour )

Religious Trauma for Therapists ( 1 hour )

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I also offer in-person Workshops for Therapists:

Working with Parents as an Adolescent Therapist

March 17, 2023


Wylde Center- Edgewood Learning Center, Kirkwood

8:30am-3pm (lunch included)

5 hours CEU approval for LPCA

Come enjoy a day at a local garden and learn all about working with teens and how to manage their parents. I often found that working with parents is the hardest part of being a therapist. This workshop is for you if that sentence speaks to you.

Learning Objectives:

You will plan how to engage and build a strong relationship with the parents while keeping your integrity and work with their kids in adolescent therapy a sacred one.

You will apply boundaries and structure with the parents in the context of adolescent therapy.

You will explore confidentiality and work through scenarios regarding this in the adolescent therapy sessions.

We will have a question/answer session to address your particular questions and/or concerns.

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