Welcome to Your Safe Haven with Amy

Thank you for taking the time to explore this section—it’s a wise choice on your part.

When it comes to therapy, two key elements stand out above all else: fit and safety.

Fit encompasses more than just compatibility—it’s about finding a therapist who not only possesses the necessary skills but also resonates with you on a personal level. It’s about feeling understood and supported, without any triggers or discomfort. Fit is an ongoing journey, and we’re committed to adapting and evolving together.

Safety is paramount in our therapeutic space. It’s about creating an environment where you feel secure, both physically and emotionally. Trust and confidentiality form the bedrock of this safety, ensuring that you can open up and explore without fear of judgment or exposure. When you leave our sessions, we want you to feel not just heard, but deeply understood and respected.

Amy understands the importance of safety firsthand, which is why she provides therapy for therapists in a private and confidential manner. Whether you prefer virtual sessions or face-to-face meetings, rest assured that your well-being is our top priority.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re seeking therapy for yourself. Amy has a special affinity for working with therapists and creating a space where they can feel truly supported and understood. Your journey to healing starts here—let’s take the first step together.