Yoga Nidra

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This blog post would read differently if I were a yoga instructor. As a therapist, I’m here to tout the wonder of yoga nidra when you can’t sleep. True insomnia is rare for me, but I definitely have times when my brain is on anxious overdrive and sleep is elusive. I bet [...]

Clinical Hypnosis & Pain Management

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Clinical Hypnosis & Pain Management Miracle or Malarkey? You might think hypnosis sounds like bullshit. For two reasons, clinical hypnosis works well for chronic pain management: body relaxation and true cognitive redirection. First, hypnosis only happens once a client has entered a state of relative calm or relaxation. Anything we can do [...]

Prepping for the “Real” World: Tools for Emerging Young Adults

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There are few times in life more exciting than preparing for the transition from being a child into living as part of the “real” adult world. This transitional period can also be very challenging. All the change, new financial stressors, going to school, finding a job, starting a family. There is a [...]

Lost Connections by Johann Hari

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I’m more than halfway through my second read of Lost Connections by Johann Hari. This is an engagingly written book about why so many of us are anxious and/or depressed. Johann (he uses first names as he shares about each of the researchers he talked to, which inspires me to do the [...]

The Power of Online Trauma Therapy

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The Power of Online Trauma Therapy   Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a result of having experienced acute, chronic, or complex trauma. Let's dive in and deepen our understanding of trauma before we discuss therapy.   Common Sources of Trauma Birth trauma Bullying Community violence Physical and emotional abuse Neglect Parental [...]

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