Body Respect: Moving Away from Self-Objectification

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In recent years, the concept of body positivity has gained significant traction in promoting self-love and acceptance. Encouraging individuals to embrace their bodies in all shapes and sizes, it sparked crucial conversations about beauty standards and self-esteem. However, amidst the fervor for body positivity, another approach quietly emerged, informed by intuitive eating: [...]

Climate-Aware Counseling: Nurturing Mental Health in an Era of Environmental Change

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As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, one issue looms large on the horizon: climate change. The effects of environmental degradation are becoming increasingly evident, impacting not only the planet but also our mental health. In response to this pressing concern, the field of counseling is evolving to embrace a [...]

Mastering the Art of Gray Rocking

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Mastering the Art of Gray Rocking In the unpredictable dance of human interaction, encountering individuals who are manipulative, aggressive, or emotionally volatile is not uncommon. This is where the gray rock technique comes in – a subtle yet powerful strategy for maintaining your emotional equilibrium amidst turbulent waters. Understanding Gray Rocking The [...]

Become A Connoisseur Of Your Experience

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Our lives unfold in the present moment, however, our minds naturally tend to ruminate about the past, anticipate the future, or daydream about the other lives we could be leading. These are completely normal patterns of thinking and useful in certain contexts - learning from mistakes, troubleshooting solutions, setting goals, planning vacations, [...]

How Can I Calm My Teen’s Anxiety if I Can’t Even Calm My Own?

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How can I calm my teen’s anxiety if I can’t even calm my own?   Let’s face it, kids are tough. Being a parent is hard. Rewarding, but hard. So, what happens when your child experiences a bit of anxiety that you are all too familiar with? You try your best to [...]

How to Find a Therapist That’s Right For You

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How to find a therapist that’s right for you.   Whether you’re new to therapy or ready for a change in therapists, your relationship with your provider is one of the most important factors for successful therapy outcomes. You should feel safe, secure, and connected with your therapist. Just like other relationships, [...]

How to Make Friends As Adults

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How do we make friends as adults?  Therapy work to do around making friendships Explore hesitancies, expectations, past experiences, social skills, etc. in order to feel better about putting self out there “You have to be willing to initiate more than other people, make really specific plans, follow through, then repeat. For [...]

Natural Mentoring Relationships: The Mediating Impact on Negative Behaviors During Adolescence

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Natural Mentoring Relationships: The Mediating Impact on Negative Behaviors During Adolescence As of 2017, researchers in the United States have found that about half of all children in the country will be exposed to some form of childhood adversity (McLaughlin, 2017). This has increased since 1995 from a quarter of all children. [...]

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