Lost Connections by Johann Hari

I’m more than halfway through my second read of Lost Connections by Johann Hari. This is an engagingly written book about why so many of us are anxious and/or depressed. Johann (he uses first names as he shares about each of the researchers he talked to, which inspires me to do the [...]

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Getting to know Internal Family Systems (IFS) through the lens of a chocolate covered almond

I have a part that likes to eat. I mean, it likes to eat – to excess – chocolate covered anything, sweeeeet treats, and anything that would have been forbidden or restricted in my childhood. This part revels in the fact that I’m now an adult with resources who can simply choose [...]

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The Power of Online Trauma Therapy

The Power of Online Trauma Therapy   Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a result of having experienced acute, chronic, or complex trauma. Let's dive in and deepen our understanding of trauma before we discuss therapy.   Common Sources of Trauma Birth trauma Bullying Community violence Physical and emotional abuse Neglect Parental [...]

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A Guide To Supporting A Loved One Dealing With PTSD

Loving someone who suffers from PTSD is difficult mainly because you cannot immediately put yourself in their position to understand their true feelings. Whether it’s a relative, partner or friend this blog will guide someone on how to better communicate and empathize with someone who has PTSD.   Everyone Needs Support When [...]

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It’s Not You, It’s Them- Supporting your Teenagers

It’s not you, it's them. 3 ways we can support teenagers when they experience academic problems without taking the problems on as our own.    It’s report card season as I write this. At its best this means some celebration, praise, and relief. At its worst it may mean punishment, shame, and [...]

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Understanding Anxiety

What Is Anxiety? The American Psychological Association defines anxiety as an unpleasant emotional and physical experience characterized by feelings of apprehension and tension. Anxiety is similar to fear since we feel threatened when we are anxious. Unlike fear, we are often anxious about threats that are either fictitious or not yet upon [...]

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What is Brainspotting and why do I love it?

Here’s the Brainspotting origin story I learned in training: Dr. David Grand was seeing a young figure skater with severe childhood trauma to address trouble she was having on the ice. During the usual EMDR protocol of eye movement side of side, Dr. Grand noticed the client’s eyeballs suddenly wobble in their [...]

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