Welcome! I’m thrilled you’re here.

Are you wrestling with life’s fundamental questions, like:

Who am I, really?

What path do I want to pursue?

Who do I want to share my life with?

How do I navigate the complexities of marriage?

Or perhaps, How do I uncover my true desires?

Maybe you’re parenting a child with challenging behaviors and seeking understanding and practical strategies for those tough moments.

If so, I might be the therapist you’re looking for.

I’m Charity Livingston, a quirky, easygoing Licensed Professional Counselor committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and nonjudgmental space for my clients. Clients often describe working with me as a breath of fresh air, where they can freely explore life’s messiness, from parenting and relationships to transitions and beyond. My humor and serene demeanor make it effortless for individuals to connect and tackle life’s challenges with confidence.

I specialize in working with teens, college students, and young adults aged 14 and up as they navigate high school, first jobs, college or graduate school, ADHD, depression, anxiety, dating, spiritual abuse, racism’s impact, self-esteem, and body image issues. My aim is to cultivate a trusting environment where clients can practice self-compassion and curiosity as they work towards their goals.

With experience supporting parents of children with ADHD and guiding parents through launching their teens into adulthood, I’m passionate about helping teens gain the skills needed for independence.

I also offer relationship therapy for couples, drawing on the Gottman method to teach communication techniques, effective parenting strategies, and appreciation for each partner’s unique qualities.

I welcome individuals from all cultural backgrounds, religions, and walks of life.

I exclusively offer virtual sessions, and prior to each session, you’ll receive a HIPAA-compliant platform link via email. My rates are $175 per session, with some sliding scale availability.

When I’m not in the virtual office, you’ll find me exploring nature trails with my dog, enjoying strategy board games with my husband, or tending to my garden with my cat, dog, and flock of backyard chickens.

For appointments or inquiries, feel free to reach out to me at charity@amyrobbinscounseling.com or call 404-480-3158.

Charity Livingston, LPC
ADHD & Executive Dysfunction
Young Adults
Parent Coaching and Support
Anxiety and Mood Disruption