Introduction: What Is Brainspotting?
Brainspotting is a practice in which your eye movements can tell a story about the experiences that your brain has been holding onto subconsciously. When we experience something unpleasant or negative, our brain holds onto the responses and reactions that we feel that stem from those experiences. This practice relies on the client’s ability to activate a brainspot; when your eye locates a position in which your deep brain is stimulated, then whatever emotional or mental responses you are feeling towards an issue can be resolved in your nervous system.

Think of brainspotting as the body’s inherent way of transforming your thoughts and emotions. When a brainspot is triggered, your brain can release the tension that was being held by a negative experience. By locating a specific eye placement and identifying facial expressions or body language, a counselor can tell where your emotional response is stemming from. This begins the process of your body deconstructing any negative feelings, thoughts, and reactions that you have been unknowingly carrying with you.

How Does Counseling Work?
When you enter your counseling session, you will be asked to focus on different points that your counselor offers. Throughout this process, your counselor will begin to ask you questions regarding the negative experience that you are dealing with, such as how you are feeling the emotions in your body and what your thoughts are surrounding the negative experience. By having you focus on different points, you will begin to understand which points feel like they are helping you and which are making your feelings amplified.

When a brainspot (eye position) is activated, your counselor will ask you to hold your focus on this position while speaking about the negative experience or issue you may be facing. This allows the body to be stimulated through the nervous system, allowing you to deconstruct any preconceived ideas, feelings, or reactions that you held onto from your negative experience. By attending brainspotting sessions, you will begin to notice the change in your emotional and mental regulation. Over time, it will become easier to let go of the hurt, trauma, and instability that come with negative experiences.

Conclusion: Getting Started On your Healing
At Amy Robbins Counseling we are dedicated to helping you understand the importance of how your brain works in relation to your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. We want to help you put your best foot forward in every situation before it becomes overwhelming and frustrating. Let our therapists in Atlanta, GA help you learn how to let go of the negatives while remaining present in every moment.