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Clinical Hypnosis & Pain Management

Clinical Hypnosis & Pain Management Miracle or Malarkey? You might think hypnosis sounds like bullshit. For two reasons, clinical hypnosis works well for chronic pain management: body relaxation and true cognitive redirection. First, hypnosis only happens once a client has entered a state of relative calm or relaxation. Anything we can do [...]

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Understanding Anxiety

What Is Anxiety? The American Psychological Association defines anxiety as an unpleasant emotional and physical experience characterized by feelings of apprehension and tension. Anxiety is similar to fear since we feel threatened when we are anxious. Unlike fear, we are often anxious about threats that are either fictitious or not yet upon [...]

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Is EFT for Couples right for us?

What Is Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) For Couples? EFT is a counseling method for couples that is highly effective, resulting in increased couple satisfaction and decreased couple distress. Developed by Sue Johnson, EFT understands adult love to be a highly evolved human power which can improve every aspect of a couple’s life. [...]

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